Our Group

Ojaswini Nursing College is run by the Brahmi Education trust, established in 2006. The trust is a sister concern of the Ojaswini Samdarshi Nyas, which has been active in the field of learning since 2000. The Group is a pioneer in education in the Bundelkhand region, and greatly benefits the regions of Bundelkhand, Vindhya, and Mahakaushal, both academically and economically.

Group values learning as a way of life and promotes critical thinking and intellectual curiosity. We offer students cutting-edge learning experiences, access to facilities and materials, and experienced and qualified faculty. We strive to provide students with clinical training and certification opportunities, and academic guidance, while being aware of their interests, needs, and abilities. The programme combines rigorous traditional course work, with opportunities for hands on training, research, skill development, and internships.

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