Principal’s Message

Nursing is an art and science, the embodiment of caring for individuals, families, and communities. It consists of a unique, integrated body of knowledge and requires critical thinking, information management, and problem-solving skills.  Nurses provide comprehensive, individualized care to promote optimal health, based on best current evidence.  Nurses are leaders and collaborative members of the healthcare team who advocate for processes and systems to support safe, quality care.  Nursing requires commitment and responsibility to the profession, society, and the global community.

ONC offers nursing education through a meticulous academic frame work which is highly interactive and provides learning opportunities and challenges which will allow students to explore and develop skills required to master the art of nursing care. ONC lays particular emphasis on hands on training and real time learning. In addition to the required clinical practice hours, the college provides students with additional practical training. The ways we teach and the ways our students learn are unique and creative, and this sets our students apart from their peers.

Students’ individual growth is compounded by the provision of extra-curricular activities, such as cultural competitions, college festivals and numerous other activities.  Student’s all-round development is the prime objective of ONC, which makes the academic journey more rewarding, and helps students develop a balanced personality, a spirit of participation, co-operation, competition, and success.

I warmly invite you to be a proud nursing student at Ojaswini Nursing College.

Prof. Rajesh Keskar

Admission Open