Education is not the only criterion which shapes a student’s career prospects, personality development is just as important. Factors like cultural awareness, sports activities, and social service help shape a student’s personality and give them a competitive edge.  

ONC endeavours to promote a student’s growth by fusing education with culture, sports, workshops and seminars. Students are involved in programs which create awareness in the society like voice against illiteracy, pollution, aids, genocide of female fetus and other social welfare programmes. ONC is trying to create an atmosphere which encourages the freedom of speech and allows students to raise their voice against injustice. In trying to develop well rounded nursing professionals, the college has instituted the following clubs to encourage diverse learning. 

Avishkar Club

The focus of the Avishkar Club is to provide students with opportunities to think, learn and create. Students plan and participate in events which will help them discover and grow in their chosen fields.

Photography Club

To encourage and promote creativity, the college has recently started a Photography Club. Students are encouraged to publish pictures on the College website, in the College magazine, and even in public forums and platforms.

Cultural Club

Through its cultural and recreational activities, the College strives to create a comfortable atmosphere and encourages freedom of speech and self-expression. The Annual College Festival Hungama offers students a chance to present their dancing, singing and acting skills. Activities like Kavi Sammelansare also conducted on the campus to encourage literary thought and dialogue. The Culture Club is also responsible for organizing events during Holi, Diwali, Dusshera, and numerous other festivals.

National Cadet Corps (NCC) Club

Students at ONC are periodically involved in social awareness programs and campaigns. Some programs conducted in the recent past include – tree plantation, fire safety, a voice against illiteracy, pollution, and AIDS.

Sports Club

At ONC students are encouraged to take part in indoor and outdoor sports activities and participate in inter-college sports competitions and youth festivals with the support of the college and under the training of a skilled Sports Officer. The college campus has playgrounds for football, cricket, hockey, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and TT courts. The Annual College Festival Hungama offers students a chance to participate in the famous cricket Premier League, athletic events, basketball and throw ball matches.

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