2 Years


About the Programme

M. Sc. in Nursing is a two-year graduate programme meticulously structured to impart in-depth advance knowledge of nursing methodologies and principles. The programme encompasses subjects like Advance Nursing Practice Clinical Specialty and Nursing Management that trains the students to administer the activities of hospitals clinics and assist the staff in carrying out their duties effectively.

M. Sc. in Nursing programme prepares students to work collaboratively evaluate data interpret results think vitally draw logical conclusions and make composite decisions. The curriculum of the programme gives students the opportunities to devise plausible solutions to real-life situations and nursing challenges in an active learning environment.

Under this programme the candidates also learn about the ethical and legal aspects of nursing in the healthcare sector. In addition, the emphasis is placed on imparting insights on the commonalities in a variety of diseases. Aspirants also gain a deep understanding of the relationship between diseases and symptoms that help them in identifying the problem.


Courses Name Theory (hrs)  Practical (hrs)
Nursing education 150 150
Advance nursing practice 150 200
Nursing Research and statistics 150 100
*Clinical speciality –I 150 650
Total 600 1100
Courses Name Theory (hrs)  Practical (hrs)
Nursing Management 150 150
Nursing Research(Dissertation)   300
*Clinical Speciality-II 150 950
Total 300 1400

Guidelines for submission of Dissertation

Candidates are required to work on a dissertation in the field of their specialty. The schedule of proposal presentation and subsequent presentations will be decided by research committee of the college.

Submission of Dissertation in the University

Evaluation of Dissertation

Resubmission of Dissertation

Modalities for award of class

Admission Criteria

Admission in a MSc. Nursing Programme will be granted as per the guidelines of the Indian Nursing Council, Delhi.




Candidate should have a registration as a Registered Nurse or Registered Midwife, (In lieu of RM for male candidate) from any State Nursing Council and his/her registration should be duly renewed.

Documents Required

Eligibility from the University

Branches available for specialization

ONC offers specialization in 5 branches. Each branch has 5 seats available.


Instruction for Examination 

Provision for Supplementary Examinations

Eligibility for Awarding Master’s Degree

The candidate will be awarded the master’s degree in nursing when he/she successfully completes the M.Sc. nursing first year and second year examination, including clearance of the dissertation.



Career Path

Admission Open