Non-Classroom Learning

The college firmly believes that no discipline can  ever be taught in its totality within the four walls of the classroom. Non-classroom learning helps the students in internalizing the subject and helps them get a feel of the complexities of the subject in the real world. We lay due emphasis on hands on training in hospitals and urban and rural communities, to ensure that when students enter the workforce, they are equipped to provide excellent nursing care and are able to take quick and precise decisions.

Group Learning

Group learning is yet another effective technique used by the college for preparing future nurse for free exchange of ideas among peer groups through discussions and presentations to promote effective learning and enhance confidence and communication skills along with inculcating the virtue of self-study.

Guest Lectures

Renowned Doctors, senior nurses, celebrated academic mentors, individuals from the Government Health Sector, and Military Nurses are frequently invited for guest lectures. These sessions enable future nurses to learn and imbibe from the experiences of others. The purpose of these interactions is to – give nursing students a better understanding of the subject matter, provide direction, an opportunity to network and develop contacts among peers, and to provide a platform for experience sharing.

Clinical Practice

Clinical practice is a compulsory part of the Nursing programme at ONC. All practical experiences teach students diverse concepts of nursing care. Having a variety of nursing experiences can be helpful for learners to improve clinical reasoning skills and ability to provide compassionate care. The goal of clinical practice is for students to develop competency in patient care, expand knowledge base, cultivate interpersonal and communication skills, foster professionalism, encourage hands on practice base learning in real life situations, and most importantly to equip students with confidence and critical thinking abilities.

Workshop and seminars

ONC continuously conducts workshops and seminars to introduce students to the most recent techniques in nursing, familiarize them with advances in medicine, provide students with an in-depth knowledge of core concepts, and introduce students to professional areas of interest, among many other themes. Seminars and workshops are not only a platform for knowledge dissemination, but also act as networking opportunities.

Personality Development

The Institute ensures that its students should not only be efficient, hardworking, and kind-hearted nurses, but should also be responsible citizens of the country and contribute to the growth and development of the society and its health. To give our students a competitive edge, we have infused modules of personality development as an integral part of the curriculum. This helps in grooming the future nurses and stimulating in them attributes of confidence, optimism, motivation, time management, stress management, decision making, and leadership.

Spoken English Classes

Nurses are in great demand globally and that makes it necessary to have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. With this in mind, special programs related to conversational and written English are conducted by experts periodically.

Summer / Winter Training

Students are directed to relevant specialty Hospitals and Private Nursing Homes for training during the vacations to enhance their knowledge and skills. These training experiences give students an opportunity to gain hands on practical experience. The exposure given to students helps build a firm foundation and secures a successful future.


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