Diwali Celebrations!!

Ojaswini Group of Institutions was full of love, light & laughter as the student & teachers celebrated Diwali Festival 2023 on 8/11/2023.
To mark the fastival students organised a fun filled carnival with food, game music dance.
Anshu & chutki ki Idli Dhokle, Yummy Yummy Spot ki Katori chat, Swad ke Sangam ke Samose Roll, Liticious littichoka, Bebafa Tea Stall, Badmas Panipuri
Exciting game like Ring ball & lottery game, Hand & feet hopscotch game also elevated the fun quotient.
Our honorable principals of Ojaswini Group of Institute start the Diwali Mela.
The event was hosted by SNA unit of Ojaswini Nursing College of Sagar.
Ojaswini Nursing college
University Road, Pathariya Jaat, Sagar (mp)
Mob. 9575304010, 9575304007, 9993051431
For more details: www.onccollege.in
ओजस्विनी नर्सिंग कॉलेज,
यूनिवर्सिटी रोड, पथरिया जाट, सागर (म.प्र)
मो. 9575304010, 9575304007, 9993051431

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